Antenatal care

Antenatal care or ’pregnancy care’ is the healthcare and support you have while you’re pregnant. This is to make sure you and your unborn baby are as well as possible throughout your pregnancy.

Antenatal appointments or 'pregnancy appointments' will be set up for you by your GP who will refer you to an OBGYN. This appointments are spaced out through your pregnancy. Your doctor will:

  • check your health and the wellbeing of your baby
  • watch out for any problems so you can get support early
  • give you and your baby any special treatment you need
  • give you information about how to look after your health and your baby's
  • answer any questions you have
  • help you plan your baby's birth
  • put you in touch with any other support you may need.

Why are antenatal appointments important?

Regular antenatal appointments are important to:

  • keep an eye on how your baby is growing.
  • pick up some conditions such as pre-eclampsia and urinary tract infections – these might not have any early symptoms that you would notice but routine blood-pressure checks and urine tests can pick up on them, even if you feel fine
  • check the health of your baby through blood tests and ultrasound scans.  

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